Me Robert P. Gosset

“As a business man who hates shopping, lacks time and needs to have a professional style and look, Maryse’s talent is greatly appreciated. The clothes she found for me are stylish, of great quality and make me look younger!

It’s a worthwhile investment when one has little time to choose clothes, but still wishes to be well dressed for work.”

Me Robert P. GossetNotaire
Line Desmarais

“I’m a Sales Director for a large telecom company and Maryse’s services have greatly helped me to solve my problem of lack of time. Maryse helped me with wise shopping… Her tips guided me, in a personalized way, towards original, bold and always elegant outfits.”

Line Desmarais Directrice des ventes
Tarina Wagschal

« Maryse has styled me for many years now and what I love is how she knows exactly what I like and what will look good on me. She goes for comfort and style and always comes up with the perfect mix of both. Anything I have bought from her still looks good even years later and I mix and match with everything I have in my closet. Compliments on my style and clothes are very plentiful since Maryse began dressing me. She is a true professional with an amazing eye and style. Every busy executive needs this service! »

Tarina Wagschal Talent management , organizational development and training | Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Guylaine Houle, BCL

“Thanks to Maryse Désilets’s great understanding of my needs and expectations, I am ready for any event and clothing requirements related to my professional life. Maryse has always met my needs for this with originality and elegance. Her smile and her passion for fashion allow me to make the tedious task of shopping a true pleasure. Thanks a million!”

Guylaine Houle, BCLAvocate, FCIRP Syndic, vice-présdente, Pierre Roy & associés

« Maryse is a true fashion genius! Recently, I had the pleasure of working with this lovely lady for two sessions and strongly recommend her services. She was a tremendous help in giving my wardrobe a much needed update both on the casual as well as on the dressy side. Maryse’s strength is in her natural ability to efficiently and effectively get to know her client’s tastes, lifestyle and body type.

She exudes confidence, professionalism and warmth in tailoring sessions to a client’s immediate needs. Her service saved me an enormous amount of time, aggravation, guesswork and money.

Best of all, I feel rejuvenated in my new look thanks to Maryse’s expertise! The experience was exhilarating and she made such a difference in boosting my confidence simply by choosing clothes and accessories that compliment my body and complete the look. Thank you Maryse for simplifying this seemingly overwhelming task, helping me to dress for success and making feeling beautiful fun again! »

Carla Kavalec Dollinger, CAAdministration DZD Hardwood Export Inc., CKD Kilns Ltd.
Graziella Pettinati

Since I met Maryse, my life has changed! Packing a suitcase to attend a conference, going on vacation or on a business trip has become a pleasure rather than a chore.

The clothes combinations Maryse suggested are perfectly suited to my needs and style. On top of feeling great, I get compliments. What more can I ask for… Every morning, when I get dressed, I feel gratitude and joy, thanks to her valuable advice.

Thank you Maryse for your creativity, your listening, your professionalism, your esthetic sense, your daring and your kindness

Graziella PettinatiExperte certifiée en écriture et documents