Une styliste professionnelle vous aide à faire de meilleurs choix vestimentaires


Between family obligations, social life and the office, the time you have for yourself is often non-existent. Take control of your life, at least in terms of clothing. I am offering you a “turn-key”, easy, flexible, and personalized service. In addition to purchasing and choosing clothes that suit you. I will give you professional tips and tricks, so that you will be more efficient and gain more time, especially in the morning, in front of your closet, for an interview or for an important evening.

Be more productive, more organized, thanks to a wardrobe where nothing is left to chance. In addition to your clothes, I can also find shoes, scarves, jewelry and handbags for you. One call, one email, and I’m on it!



You can’t stand the idea of shopping around for clothes… You feel that you lack taste … or that your clothes no longer suit you, that your body has changed or you simply wish to offer yourself the luxury of delegating this task to a professional who will take care of it while you make your time profitable. Whatever your motivation, whatever your reasons, I take care of everything! I will meet you at home, at the office, or elsewhere and together we will develop this new professional image which is you and will attract attention … for the right reasons.



  • The “20-80” rule also applies to your wardrobe. This rule says that, in the end, we only wear 20% of the clothes we have, 80% of the time. This means that, too often, we’ve invested a lot without achieving the desired results. With En Mode Affaire, say goodbye to costly errors and manage your wardrobe efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • It has been shown that with equal skills, the person with a neat and stylish appearance earns 20-25 % more. No need to spend a fortune – it’s all a matter of combination. The creation of clothing modules helps you to rely on more sets, with fewer articles of clothing. I will provide you with practical tips to maximize the coordination and organization of your wardrobe.
  • Thanks to my professional experience in importing clothes, I have a large network of contacts and suppliers who are distributors and manufacturers of quality clothing. As a client of En Mode Affaires, you’re the one benefitting from it and that’s a great deal!

The En Mode Affaires service is the best investment you can make. In addition to being profitable, it could save you money.

Treat your wardrobe as you would your investments. Get in Business Mode.



  • You have an important interview for a position you’ve had your eyes on for a long time? You want to make a good impression. En Mode Affaire will get you this professional look to make you feel confident.
  • You have to give a speech? You will be hosting an important event? You have to speak to the media or appear on TV? You have to project an image of credibility and trust. I will provide you with a wardrobe for the occasion.
  • You are meeting your most important client to sign a big contract? Do you know that your choice of clothing and your image could make the negotiation easier? Let me explain how.
  • It’s time to think about your personal life. The proposed sets will put the spotlight on you. Discover the pleasure of feeling confident and great in your skin, thanks to the latest fashion items which will truly suit you.
  • What should you wear for a first meeting? A second one? A third one? Let me inspire you and together, we will develop a winning strategy.