Businesses: Offer an En Mode Affaires gift card, and give the gift of a professional, impeccable and trendy look.

Individuals: Make a loved one happy by offering them the privilege of wearing clothes that reflect their personality, thanks to our personalized gift cards.

With our gift cards, you offer peace of mind and the assurance of an impeccable look, every time. Whether it’s to highlight a special event, an anniversary or simply to make your loved ones happy, the tips of a passionate stylist are sure to please.

You can order our gift cards by phone at 514-915-2128 or by writing us an email.

At the time of the order, tell us how you wish to receive your gift cards:

  • By regular mail (4 to 5 business days).
  • By priority post (secure shipping in 1 or 2 business days).
  • By email.
  • By picking them up at our office.

Gift-wrapping service is also offered for , or for priority post.


  • Tailoring of customized clothing.
  • Search for clothes and accessories in non-standard sizes.
  • Alteration services.
  • Items brought by the stylist or delivered to the address of your choice.
  • One-time shipment of clothing, accessories and other items in order to maximize and complete the outfits we chose together or that you already have.

Note that these services are offered “à la carte” in addition to our packages.

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