Who is Maryse Désilets?

Fashion and Professional Branding Management Specialist, Maryse Désilets is the person to call upon for everything related to business men’s and women’s clothing and wardrobe.

A business woman herself, she was the Director of Emerging Markets for a large company. Her background allows her to be familiar with the requirements and the style of those in executive positions. Their images help to optimize their professional success.

The people of today must be impeccable – from morning until night, and in all circumstances. By assessing their needs, Maryse Désilets implements a true ACTION PLAN, including realistic, elegant and efficient clothing solutions which will highlight them. Give yourself an actual style and a professional brand which suits you. Count on a style which reflects your personality and which will mirror your skill.

Fashion has always been one of Maryse Désilets’s greatest passions. Her esthetic sense and her sense of proportion are a true gift. Maryse Désilets knows how to advise, listen and choose. It’s innate with her.

Since she excels in the art of matching clothes, she decided to let people benefit from this and to combine her talent and experience to launch her own styling and consulting practice.


MA means “Maryse“,  ” En Mode Affaires “, en ” Mode Avion “. Mstands for Business Class – the concept of having Class in Business.

En Mode Affaires, is a styling services specially geared towards professionals and executives.

For a business trip, professionals prefer to travel “Business Class” for the image, the luxury and the comfort. In terms of clothing, you can also portray a brand image!

Your appearance allows you to demand respect, inspire confidence and make a good impression on your valued clients and colleagues. Having an impeccable, professional look will allow you to exude dynamism and authority, which allows you to achieve your goals more quickly.

“UPGRADE! With En Mode Affaires.

Line Desmarais

“I’m a Sales Director for a large telecom company and Maryse’s services have greatly helped me to solve my problem of lack of time. Maryse helped me with wise shopping… Her tips guided me, in a personalized way, towards original, bold and always elegant outfits.”

Line Desmarais
Me Robert P. Gosset

“As a business man who hates shopping, lacks time and needs to have a professional style and look, Maryse’s talent is greatly appreciated. The clothes she found for me are stylish, of great quality and make me look younger!

It’s a worthwhile investment when one has little time to choose clothes, but still wishes to be well dressed for work.”

Me Robert P. GossetNotary